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duffyJust watching TV and another Cycling TV advert came on. I couldn’t believe my eyes.   It was soultry singer, Duffy, looking very fashionable and chic, cycling during a singing break, whilst advertising diet coke .  Doesn’t she look sexy? Wonder what type of bike she was riding though.


Duffy recently won three awards at The Brits for her first album, Rockferry that sold 1.7m copies in the UK last year.  Watch the video at YouTube.  Love it!

997 To Go!


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car-with-bicycle-rack1Watch this recent, TV Advert   on Youtube featuring  a Opel Corsa car and a lady cyclist.  The car stops ahead of the cyclist. Automatically a discreet bike rack slides out at the back by the licence plate. The cyclist puts the bicycle on the rack and drives off. Some say the ad is sexist but I like  the car.  Now I could just do with a car like that.  It just goes to show how popular cycling is becoming!


Another TV advert shows two different types of cyclists, commuter/leisure and the racer sporty (I think he’s a famous cyclist) promoting the health benefits of cycling, which should be a minimum of three times a week.  So I need to up my levels! See next post.


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One to watch. This video is funny, I counted over 200 cyclists in this video, weaving in and out of traffic.  I’m lucky if I see three in the rush hour on my commute. With so many cyclists around, I would definitely feel more confident!

Rush Hour in Cambridge from Cycling Edinburgh,

Snow Freezes London

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anatomyI watched an excellent video called Anatomy of a Bicycle by Quickrelease.tv for beginners several times over so I could become familiar with all the terminology and get a bike  to match my needs and budget.  It’s only five minutes long I’m  really pleased that such things are ‘out there’ for folks like me!

I learnt about the top/down and seat tubes. I know where the triangle bit is, quick release, fork, spokes, handlebar, pannier rack, bottle cage, wheel nut and the saddle post.

But… is the chainset the same as the cassette?  I presume something drops out of the rear dropout and front dropout?  Then there are all the brakes. Like the disc brake rotor (do they all look like that), cantilever, calliper and ‘v’ brakes, rear shock something amongst other things that I didn’t quite get because I didn’t see it in the context of the whole bike.

They have more videos for beginners like How to Wear Helmet and Pedal Properly all interesting stuff and they plan loads more. These videos are to promote a Bike to Work book.  A very motivating and great website for a newbie like me.

Cycling Uphill

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