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Transporter3_bikeJust watched Transporter 3 on video and the bike scene was one of the best parts in this film, although the plot was a bit dodgy. It seems as though the first in a series is always the best.    Just like the Bourne trilogy films which I love to death. (As a matter of fact, the opening of Transporter 3 reminded me of the start of Bourne Identity).

Anyway the bike scene was really gripping and exciting.  I was on the edge of my sofa! I love the Transporter series, especially the first one and all Jason Statham films (The Bank Job, Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels etc).  

What happens is that Statham steals somebody’s bike and rides it through a warehouse. Then he surfs on the bike,  sliding it on its side, then flies through the warehouse window and jumps off into his car planting a perfect kick on the carjacker.  Implausible! But it is an action film.

Anyway, I was really pleased and surprised to see a bike scene had as much credibility as the car chases which are spectacular and well wicked!  Especially the underwater scene, that was probably improbable!

Bike Scene at YouTube


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