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a-long-ride-for-a-pie1I couldn’t put this book down during the Christmas cycling break.  I thought I’d read about it, instead of doing it. 


It is fascinating account of Tim Mulliner’s  cycling adventures through 22 countries.  A New Zealander, homesick for a typical New Zealand pie.  He’s so fed up with living in London, he decides to travel all the way to New Zealand by bike to eat a mouthwatering typical Kiwi pie!

 24,115 kilometres, 428 days, 22 countries, 1 objective to get a typical New Zealand pie!

He sets off on his 27-speed bike to head across western Europe, eastern Europe, Turkey, India, Iran, Pakistan, Tibet, China, South-East Asia and Australia, and finally home to New Zealand.

I especially loved his accounts of  hallucinations and raging sandstorms in the  Taklamakan Desert, his physical hardships, visa tantrums, bike problems, language and cultural problems, the diverse cultures he meets along the way, the loneliness and depression.

If  travelling independently for months on end and cycling are your things then this book is for you.  But there’s not really a lot about cycling. Its more about his adventure travel. However there is one question about his experiences. I wonder if his experience would be same if he was a woman.

What else can I do during this break? I miss cycling.


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