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cycleguides_lI’ve just received cycle guides from Transport for London (TFL) , 14 in total, covering the whole of Greater London in the hope that if I keep looking at them, I will be confident enough to ride everywhere looking chic with style!  In the meantime, I can just pretend!  I’ve been pouring over the maps and they’re  really good. They have routes recommended by cyclists on quieter roads, routes on busier roads i.e. the cycle network paths, routes adjacent to busy roads (dual/multi carriageways), routes through parks and where it is not permitted.  Also each route has a number and details the train/tube stations with cycle parking.  Very useful and free.


One of the other trainees, a grandmother  recommended that I do an Aerobiking class.  I’ve never heard of Aerobiking before.  What an earth is that?  She takes the classes and explained it that it helps the leg muscles. No wonder she can get up those hills!  Well, I do need to get some energy into my legs and up my level to three times a week as recommended in the TV cycle advert so that will be one cycle session during the week I can do whilst its still dark at 4 o’clock in the afternoon. 


Saturday classes and Sunday practising will make three times a week. So, intrigued, I’ve signed on to try out a class this Friday, although since I brought my bike, I’ve become quite tired with twice a week so I don’t know if I ‘ll have the energy for this but I’ll see.


I think also I need to improve my diet. But there is no stopping me having my delicious tiramisu or chocolate! But I should start to incorporate more of the Five-A-Day things that is so advertised and promoted here.  That is five portions of fruit and vegetable a day.  I don’t fancy fruit in winter but needs must so I’ll start of with a couple of bananas a day and see where it goes.  Still thinking about the veg though…..

Fixed Wheel Cycling


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Journey Planner

Chatting to Leon, one of the instructors during lesson break, I learned about the Transport for London’s cycle routes. So I eagerly tinkered around with TFL website after class to find out more about our previous Thames riverside cycle paths and was amazed to see that their cycle route included a  bicycle moving, actually cycling along the route after I clicked on the ‘cycle only’ and ‘wizard’ options.

Such fun! I watched it studiously, enjoying the vicarious cycling and plan to use it when I’m more confident and experienced and with bike! Its soooo funny!  This goes in my ‘Thing To Do When Not Cycling’ category. I’m really impressed! Seems like London is really promoting cycling. Enjoy virtual cycling!

Cycling major roads


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