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Well, I just knew it!  I was born in the wrong country!  Surfing for information about bikes came across loads of stuff, including Copenhagen Cycle Chic  and Copenhagenize.com blogs about bike culture and social commentary in Copenhagen. What wonderful sites.  For someone like me, new to riding a bicycle, it’s amazing! I’ve learnt that I don’t have to wear lyrca cycling gear from head to toe after all. I notice that most of their cyclists don’t wear a helmet either!  They say up to 39% of the population travel by bicycle in their normal clothes including high heels, fashionable clothes and all sorts in Copenhagen. 

I was so excited when I found another site called Amsterdaize and.. get this… its logo is 100% Lycra-Free, Guaranteed. Browsing also through London Cycle Chic shows how to Look Good and Cycle. Their blog says

This site offers tips and advice on how to combine safety, practicality and style to acheive true urban cycle chic.

Great, isn’t it!

I now feel more confident and certain that you can look good riding a bicycle and/or wear what you normally wear even in cold weather.   

My instructors wear all the Gore stuff.  When I looked it up  it was sooooo expensive. The total cost of buying the gear, costs more than what I would spend on a bike itself!  I don’t have that sort of money. But then they are professionals and I just want to pursue fun, freedom and fitness.

Now I can say with confidence to my instructors that I can learn in clothes that I normally wear when they laugh at my heeled boots!  The culture of bike riding is amazing in those countries.  We should definitely follow their example.  I wish I was born there

Can you imagine, though that in the USA (where I lived for a while) a bike culture! Maybe its possibly impractical in some places in the States. Definitely car culture rules.  Now I’m thinking about it, I never saw cyclist all the time I was in the States!  In my opinion, perhaps there wouldn’t be so many obese people if cycling replaced cars!

Well, Scandinavian countries, I’m booking my flight! (when I’m more experienced, of course). 

Virtual cycling?


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Today it poured with rain. I wondered whether I should go and dithered and hovered at the window for quite a bit before I made my mind up.  I wondered if the bike168instructors were there.  I wondered if I would ever become a confident and independent cyclist.  I wondered if I would ever become fit. I wondered if, one day, it might rain and I’d have to ride to work in the rain considering the British weather.  I wanted to know what it felt like. Could I do it. How would I be able to cycle? What would it feel like? Curiosity got the better of me so I went, wrapped up for the weather, or so I thought.

 The instructors were there but now the rain had become heavier and heavier as I arrived. They debated among themselves whether to start the training.  I explained my reasonings to them hoping they wouldn’t think I was mad but, surprisingly, they didn’t.

No doubt seeing I was so eager, let me get on the bike, riding up and down the slight slope, practising the the dreaded U turn, leaning into the figure 8 between the trees but I didn’t get much more practise because my jeans and boots got absolutely soaked.  The rain had now become torrential.  It lashed on my face, spoiled my makeup and ran down the collar of my coat. I decided not to continue. Anyway I was the only one who turned up!    I know it sounds strange but I still felt  good to know I could ride in the rain.

The instructors told me to get waterproof jacket and trousers.  So I left the training to go shopping. It was easy to get a waterproof jacket but no such luck with trousers. Hope the weather’s better for the next lesson.

Ride Along The Thames

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