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Really! Well, of course I didn’t mean to risk the life of my instructor!  Obviously I had no intention of risking anyone’s life at all! I just want to have fun, gain confidence and experience riding a bike.  If it’s in traffic, then that’s why I’m out with an instructor, exactly so I can learn and not risk anyone’s life.  You risked my life he said in no uncertain terms, putting a cloud over the whole experience.


To start off, we went a different route, to collect another trainee who lived not too far from me.  For the first time, we turned right instead of left up my street and went up the slope which I was pleased about because I managed it without any problems. But that didn’t last.  There was another long uphill slog. I couldn’t manage it. Got off the bike, walked up the hill whilst the instructor rode and waited for me at the top.  I don’t think he was pleased at all but he said nothing.


We collected the other trainee who was worried that her bike was too big for her. He showed her how to do the ‘M’ check and pumped up our tyres. We rode amongst very busy traffic, in fact it was the middle of rush hour and I wasn’t too pleased about that. 


We arrived at a beautiful park and rode around, trying to stand up and try out our different skills. It was somewhere else I could go to practise but I decided there and then not to cycle there in the rush hour again.


On the way back  there’s this very awkward junction in the middle of the road, much busier than this photo shows. In order to turn right you have to go in the middle of the cars who are waiting to turn left and right.  But there’s also other lanes for cars to drive straight on in both directions as well as cars waiting at the side roads to turn.


I managed to get in the middle of the junction between the cars but because its on a slope I slipped and fell on a car whilst creeping out.  I felt really bad about that and the driver wasn’t too pleased!  Cars were driving straight on and/or turning left whilst I was trying to turn left and I couldn’t see beyond because cars were there waiting to turn right while I was trying to see what was coming so I could turn right as well.


I decided to get off the bike when I fell on the car and walk the bike across the road when it was clear but there’s no pavement there. The instructor behind me shouted out you risked my life!  How?  How I wondered did I risk his life?  I just don’t know. I certainly didn’t mean to at all.

Cyclist Killed!


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