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bandstandI fell off the bike today.    Only my pride was hurt though!  But still, even though this wasn’t serious, I’m reluctant to wear a helmet! 

Weekly cycle lesson had been cancelled so I went to Battersea Park, the sister park to Dulwich Park. It’s nestled on the south side between Albert and Chelsea Bridges in the heart of inner city London.

pagodaThere’s a myraid of things to do but I was extremely disappointed to walk around for nearly two hours trying to find the cycle hire place but instead found everything else. 

I walked past the Bandstand (above), Pagoda (left), frozen lakes and swans, people playing tennis & football in minus 3 degree weather, The Pumphouse, various frosted gardens, empty children’s zoo, cafe, loads of joggers along the Thames several times! I was going round and round in circles but it was also annoying because of the time limit in the car park and there were no signposted directions to bicycle hire shop.

All the ‘you are here’ maps of the park  indicated bicycle hire, the same company as in Dulwich Park.  But I couldn’t find it. I could never read a map!

Ever had that experience where you ask someone the way and they send you in the wrong direction.  Its just up there, pass the Arena, you can’t miss it.  Well I did miss it!  Several times.

One thing I noticed though, was the abundance of  ‘no cycling’ signs!  How ridiculous. What’s the point of  having a cycle hire in the park, if you’re limited to the perimeter.

Finally, nearly two hours later, I found  the shop, London Recumbents, but the time limit on the car park was up. The sales assistant expressed concerns that they were not included on any signs at this popular park. So it wasn’t just my lack of map reading skills after all! 

Disappointed, I decided to go to Dulwich Park as it was on my way home.  Pleased as punch to be on a bicycle again, I seemed  to have gained more confidence and went of the main paths onto the gravel.  As I turned left, something moved in the dustbin just on the grassy corner. Not even a second later, something jumped out. Startled,  I lost my grip and tumbled off  the bike.  No one was around. I wasn’t hurt and got up straight away. When I looked, it was a squirrel jumping out of the dustbin!  Then another and another. Pesky squirrels.  Still they looked cute!

Hope the lessons are on for next week.


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 Cycle and eat Tiramisu!



That’s what I did and the depression lifted.  For some strange reason, I woke up this morning feeling depressed for little apparent reason.  I cannot say why, I was just depressed, moody and fed up.

However, I forced myself out of bed, drove around aimlessly until I came to Dulwich Park.  Although I used to pass it every single day on my way to work, I had never been inside.  I decided to walk in the park for some exercise and surprisingly enough, on this minus 3 freezing day, lots of families and people were out enjoying the bitterly cold weather.

Even more suprisingly, I happened upon, by chance a Cycle Hire Shop in the grounds called London Recumbents Ltd! Couldn’t believe my luck! What a coincidence!  Quite a few people and children were having loads of fun on these strange looking bikes that I’ve never seen before.  They were so funny!

I got up  the courage to hire a cycle  on my own for £7.00 for an hour and rode around in the bitter cold, passing the frozen lake, the frost tipped manicured gardens, a large mansion type dwelling that housed the cafe, children’s playground, numerous gravel and smooth paths and tennis courts, several times.  

I must get proper gloves. The tips of my fingers were frozen off, they felt like icicles but after about 30 minutes they warmed up. Then it was my feet that caught the icy cold frost!  But I was particularly pleased that this was my first time riding a bike alone.  It was great fun! 

At home I brought some Tiramisu from Sainsburys, put it in a wine glass and ate it slowly, savouring every moment and my achievement.  Delicious and no more depression!

A Tumble

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