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Its been a lot of  ‘firsts’ for me recently.  My first bike, my first cycling out alone, and now my first group ride. My instructor organises tandem rides and invited me along.  I was very excited about the whole thing but noticed I was the only one riding pretty amongst the silver haired brigade!


Everything started off OK.   I was riding happily along the High Street but then the pressure of the pace started to get to me, gaps were forming and by the time we reached famous Greenwich Park I decided not to continue with the ride.  


The instructor tried to persuade me but I convinced him that I didn’t want to hold anyone up.  He could go slower but I was adamant.  It was slow enough already!    I was very disappointed that I only did one tenth of the ride but stayed and explored historic Greenwich Park whilst the others continued with their tandem ride.


greenwich-parkSo, I cycled around Greenwich Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with its spectacular views, royal palaces, observatory, gardens, maritime history and of course the home of Greenwich Mean Time and the meridian.




oldest-mulberry-treeOn the way back to the base, it somehow felt different cycling alone than with a group.  There as no pressure to keep up with anyone and I cycled with a good pace (I think) but wasn’t overwhelmed.  Then I saw this ancient Mulberry Tree at the stop where the tandem riders  met.  The sign said it was the oldest Mulberry Tree in England probably planted by James 1 in 1608.  How poignant, I thought.  If I can’t keep up with the silver haired brigade, then I feel as ancient as this tree!

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