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BBC News: The owner of this bicycle seems to have decided to find an alternative means of transport.

What a great photo from the BBC.


Would you believe that London has come to a halt!  A capital city like London has frozen (excuse the pun)! Even this bicycle owner has abandoned their bike.  London freezes, quite literally, in icy conditions as well as its infrastructure.  


London buses have abandoned our roads; London tubes have abandoned our underground system; London Railways are closed!  Flights have stopped or been delayed. Hundreds of schools and workplaces have been closed. 


It is dangerous, it’s treacherous to drive, warn the Newscasters over and over again. It certainly is! That’s why I’m at home for the past two days, blogging and dreaming of my new bike.  Don’t come in, the heating system has frozen… it’s too cold!  Don’t know when we’ll get it working, they rang to tell me. 


It’s astonishing that there was a forecast of cold weather, of snow and of minus temperature conditions last week, a week ahead of today and yesterday.   But despite these forecasts of the impeding doom and catastrophe, London and many other parts of the UK, were ill-prepared for the ‘heaviest snow in 18 years.”  So the national disaster unfolds!  Anyway enough said.


Hope that everything is back to normal by Saturday because I’m getting my new bicycle.  Hooray! Yes.  I am.  My first bike!!  Can’t wait.  I’m so excited.  I also hope the local authorities get the gritters out, get the workmen out, get the snow ploughs out and do whatever they have to do to clear the snow before Saturday so that I can ride my new bicycle home!  That’s all I’m worried about!

Let’s Celebrate!!


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tn_bike009_gifI can do it!  Cycle in a straight line, change gears, emergency stop, U-turns, figure 8, cycle in a circle. With so much practise I realised the best way for me to do these especially the signalling was to actually straightened my back and not put my hand up too high too suddenly.  Similarly with looking behind, I learnt to bend slightly whilst looking behind.  Its much easier that way. 

Again with the U turn, I needed to actually turn/steer (it sounds silly!) the front wheel more, slow down and keep pedalling and not worry about falling off.  The instructors were extremely positive and helpful, riding alongside, shouting out “you won’t fall off”, “keep pedalling”,  “slow down”, “look behind”.  Bless them.

I learnt to look, signal and look left and right up and down the slight slope and around in circles as well as on the straight path. They were adamant about looking all the time for our future safety, back, right, three times before turning right.

I admire the incredible patience of the instructors providing us with emotional support and not allowing anyone to give up.  I felt my confidence growing. They were very tolerant; no doubt due to the love of their sport. I can see why. They wax lyrical about being paid to do something they enjoy and love despite us trainees sulking, falling off, moaning  or groaning. Not that I ever moaned, mind you.  I love it  too much.  Wonder what’s up for  next  week.

Cycling In The Rain

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