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The second lesson consisted of getting on and off the bike, being pedal ready, getting used to cycling on the pedestrianised area. I made friends with some of the other learners who were from diverse backgrounds and ages. One thing we had in common was our desire to learn to ride later in women-cyclinglife. There were quite a few senior citizens as well.  One proudly announced she was 62 and another was 70.  She didn’t look it.

Some of the others were still learning to balance and pedal from last week so the  instruction was tailored to individual needs.  I had a huge grin on my face.  I couldn’t believe that I was cycling after all these years. It actually wasn’t that hard but learning to ride in a straight line was. I couldn’t follow the instructor who was riding in front. Follow me he said. It was so hard. I kept wobbling about all over the place.

After two hours, I felt a bit frustrated until one of the instructors told me to speed up.  I was going too slow which meant the bike wobbled everywhere but at least I didn’t fall off! One of the instructors reminded me what we did last week; that the bike steers itself by the front wheel or something like that!

Anyway I was hooked!  I couldn’t believe that I was riding a bike. It was so much fun but I wished I could do it properly.

How many fingers?  This was harder than it seemed.  Cycling and then looking behind.  The instructors were adamant about looking behind several times before turning around to go back up the slope.  Most of us managed a quick glance.  It seemed natural to look forward when you’re moving forward. So whenever I looked back, the bike went all wobbly. I thought I might bump into something or fall off.

I just enjoyed freewheeling down the slope feeling the wind on my face. It was great fun and I took every opportunity to practise my new found skill when the instructors weren’t looking. I couldn’t wait for my next  lesson.

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